New Features and Enhancements

Following new features and enhancements are available in erwin Data Modeler (DM) and erwin Mart Server 2020 R2 SP1.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Support

Microsoft Azure SQL Support

The list includes a brief description and wherever relevant, a reference to more information about each feature.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Support

Supports for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 as a target database has been enhanced to implement the following objects:

  • External Library

  • External Language

  • External Data Source

  • External File Format

  • External Table

  • Statistics

For more information on supported objects, refer SQL Server support summary.

Microsoft Azure SQL Support

Microsoft Azure SQL support in erwin DM has been revamped. It is now supported on top of Microsoft SQL Server to leverage common functionality. On the New Model and Target Database dialog boxes, you can find Azure under SQL Server Version drop-down list.

For information on supported objects, refer Azure SQL Server support summary.