Defining Snowflake Tables

The following properties are applicable to a Snowflake Table object.




Additional Information

Is External

  Specifies whether the table is an external  


Physical Name Specifies the physical name of the table  
Table Type Specifies the table type  
Data Retention Time (In Days) Specifies the number of days for which SELECT, CLONE, and UNDROP can be performed on the historical data in the table  
DEFAULT_DDL_COLLATION Specifies a default collation specification for all the columns in the table  
Copy Grants Specifies whether the access privileges from the original table are retained when a new table is created  
Like Table Specifies the table from which the new table must use column definitions  
Clone Table Specifies to create a new table with the same column definitions and containing all the existing data from the source table, without actually copying the data  
At or Before Specifies to use Time Travel to clone the table at or before a specific point  
Time Type Specifies the time type for Time Travel  
Point Specifies the point at or before which the table must be cloned  

Cluster By Expressions

Cluster By Specifies one or more columns or column expressions in the table as the clustering key  

Stage Format Options

Use Existing File Format Specifies whether the existing file format must be used for loading or unloading data into the table  
Stage File Format Type Specifies the type of files to load or unload into the table Depending on the format that you set, other corresponding properties are available.

Stage Copy Options

Action On Error (while Copy) Specifies the action to be performed when an error occurs while loading data from a file  
Copy Size Limit Specifies the maximum size (in bytes) of data to be loaded for a COPY statement  
Purge After Copy Specifies whether data files must be to purged automatically after data is successfully loaded  
Returned Failed Only Specifies whether only the files that failed to load are returned in the statement result  
Enforce Length Specifies whether text strings that exceed the target column length must be truncated  
Match By Column Name Specifies whether to load semi-structured data into columns in the target table that match corresponding columns represented in the data  
Truncate Columns Specifies whether text strings that exceed the target column length must be truncated  
Force Load (Reload) All Files Specifies whether all files must be loaded, irrespective of whether they have been loaded previously and have not changed since they were loaded  

External Table Options

(Applicable only if the table is an external table)

External Stage Type Specifies the external stage name  
External Stage Location Specifies the external stage where the files containing data to be read are staged  
Refresh On Create Specifies whether the external table metadata must be automatically refreshed after the external table is created  
Auto Refresh Specifies whether Snowflake should enable triggering automatic refreshes of the external table metadata when new or updated data files are available in the specified external stage  
Pattern Specifies a regular expression pattern string, enclosed in single quotes, specifying the file names and/or paths on the external stage to match  
Partition By Specifies any partition columns to evaluate for the external table