Defining Snowflake Objects

Follow these steps to create Snowflake objects and define their properties:

  1. In the Model Explorer, right-click the desired object and click New.
    An instance of the object is created.
  2. Right-click the newly created instance and click Properties.
    The object's property editor opens.
  3. Set the values of all the required properties.
    For information on properties, refer to the corresponding object's property page from the Snowflake Object Support topic.
  4. Click Close.
    The desired object is created and the required properties are set.

Note: Refer to Snowflake database documentation for detailed information on specific Snowflake objects and properties. erwin® Data Modeler documentation for the property editors provides brief descriptions of the controls on each dialog box and tab, which you can use as a point of reference while working with database design features.