Defining Snowflake Functions

The following properties are applicable to a Snowflake Function object.




Additional Information


Secure Specifies that the function is secure  
Is Not Null Specifies whether the function can return null values  
Language Type Specifies whether the function definition contains JavaScript code. Else, it must contain a SQL expression.  

Return Type Options

Specifies the results returned by the function. This determines the function type.

Result Data Type: Creates a scalar function that returns a single value with the specified data type

Table Ref: Creates a table function that returns tabular results with the specified parameters

Call Return Type Specifies the function's behavior when it is called with null inputs  
Volatile Or Immutable Specifies the function's behavior while returning results

Immutable: Indicates that the function always returns the same results.

Volatile: Indicates that for same arguments, the function can return different results on successive calls. The function must be evaluated for every input row.

As Function Definition Specifies the code executed by the function  
Return Data Type Specifies the return data type when the function is a scalar function  
Table Parameters Specifies the parameters when the function is a tabular function  

Parameter Options

Name Specifies the function parameter's name  
Physical Data Type Specifies the parameter's data type