Defining Snowflake Databases

The following properties are applicable to a Snowflake Database object.




Additional Information


Database Type Specifies the database type  
Transient Specifies that the database is transient  
Data Retention Time (In Days) Specifies the number of days for which CLONE and UNDROP can be performed on the database  
DEFAULT_DDL_COLLATION Specifies a default collation specification for all the tables added to the database You can override the default at individual table level.
Clone Database Specifies to create a clone of the specified source database  
At or Before Specifies to use Time Travel to clone the database at or before a specific point  
Time Type Specifies the time type for Time Travel  
Point Specifies the point at or before which the database must be cloned  
Clone from Share Specifies to create a clone from the specified share  
As Replica Of Specifies the identifier for a primary database from which to create a replica  
Auto Refresh Specifies whether to perform automatic background maintenance of the replicated database