Workgroup Edition

erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition provides all the data modeling features used by Data Architects and also includes workgroup modeling capabilities used by Database Administrators, Application Administrators, and Application Owners. It provides conflict resolution, versioning, security and standardization for multi-user modeling. Workgroup modeling operates in a client/server environment so processing is shared between the user client workstation and the server where the models are stored. Users access the stored models through a client, such as erwin Data Modeler. Models are held in a platform and network independent database or mart that resides on a central server, using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL as the host database.

The key features of erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition include:

Web-based administrator (erwin Mart Administrator)

Helps the administrator administer the Mart. The administrator creates the Mart database, installs and configures erwin Mart Administrator before users can connect to the Mart. erwin Mart Administrator is hosted on a web server and is accessed through an Internet browser.

Model change impact analysis

Provides a change summary showing the impact of changes and the history of the affected model objects, allowing you to select which changes to apply to the model repository.

Version management

Lets Data Architects store, access and analyze the history of a model and the changes made to it, lock down specific versions, run difference reports between versions, and seamlessly roll back models to previous states as required.

Concurrent model access with optional model locking

Allows multiple users to concurrently work on a given model without compromising the integration and integrity of their parallel efforts.

The administrator installs the program and initializes the database on the DBMS server. The administrator also has the responsibility of setting up the library structure in which models are organized, and assigning security profiles to users. Administration overhead is relatively low and proportional to the number and activity level of the users. After a model is saved to the database, control of who can work on the model and how changes are saved to the model is handled by security, making it possible for workgroups to work on large models without confusion. erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition supports many security and administrative features related to its multiuser capabilities and the client/server environment in which it operates. For this reason, routine management is usually performed by a dedicated administrator. Administrators can find detailed information regarding their tasks and responsibilities in the erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition Administration Guide.

You can also use erwin Data Modeler Navigator Edition as a client. Read-only access is permitted to data models, so your workgroup can use this client to share information with others without the risk that unauthorized changes might be saved to the mart.